• Founded by medical visionaries, Tomos, LLC is the sole distributor of Plato’s CAVE™ technology in Texas and Oklahoma, and facilitates the distribution of this unparalleled 3D-5D image analysis technology worldwide. Doctors, researchers, educators, and patients –discover imaging insight with Tomos.

  • Plato’s CAVE was developed under the direction of E. Brian Butler, M.D., Chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology at The Methodist Hospital. CAVE (Computer Augmented Virtual Environment) technology transforms CT, MRI, or PET data into interactive, multidimensional images that enable broader insight into diagnosis, staging, surgical planning, and treatment.

  • The benefits of Plato’s CAVE™ technology are vast. Tomos’ goal is to ensure they’re far-reaching. Our vision is to promote the utilization of CAVE™ technology throughout the country, specifically in areas where the technology is critical to improving patient outcomes and safety.

  • Learn how Plato’s CAVE™ technology is setting the new standard in medical imaging and patient care. Click to view patient testimonials and virtual surgical demonstrations through The Methodist Hospital’s website.

  • For further information about Tomos and Plato's CAVE™ technology, or to request an information session, please complete our online form. Toll Free: 1-800-70-TOMOS Phone: 713-785-0110 Fax: 713-492-2305 Email: info@Tomos.us

Tomos, LLC is the sole distributor of Plato’s CAVE™ technology — a next generation biomedical analysis platform that seamlessly merges CT, MRI, or PET information into exceptionally data-rich, multidimensional images for enhanced examination, diagnosis, treatment, and care. Discover how surgeons, researchers, educators, and patients are benefitting from this unparalleled technology. Learn how Tomos can facilitate your next CAVE™ study.

ABC 13 News Plato’s CAVE™

Plato’s CAVE™ technology at the Texas Medical Center.

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Video on a Mastoid Fly Through

CAVE™’s volumetric rendering assists in pre-surgical planning.

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